The Rigzone Social Network Community Guidelines

The Rigzone Social Network is a platform for professionals to speak up about their industry, their career, and their passion. We want our members to share their knowledge, find jobs, to learn, communicate, connect with peers and like-minded professionals, and build a professional community, that will empower their career in energy.
The content that you create and share on the Rigzone Social Network should be professionally relevant within the energy industry and provide a meaningful contribution. We want the Rigzone Social Network to be a place of respect, honesty, and authenticity in order to build reliable opportunities for everyone.
We are serious when it comes to abuse, which is why we have created a set of community guidelines that outlines what is and is not acceptable on Rigzone. As the Rigzone Social Network expands, we will continue to review our policies based on the feedback from our community and follow the advice of experts.
We want the community to be able to speak up and discuss openly about their experience, voice their opinion, share their knowledge, and address issues that matter to them, in a professional, respectable manner.

Be Authentic

The spread of misinformation will not be part of the Rigzone Social Network. We are asking our users to take five seconds and #PledgetoPause. We want you to Take Care Before You Share, a global movement that is reaching millions of people to break the chain of spreading misinformation. If you know or think content may be manipulating, misleading or inaccurate do not share it. We will prevent you from posting content from sites that appear malicious, fraudulent, or known to produce misinformation. You must not post or share content in exchange for personal benefit.
Fake profiles will not be allowed and will result in an instant ban from the Rigzone Social Network. Do not create a fake profile or provide false information about your identity, this includes personal details, skills, qualifications, experience, or an image which is not you. Do not associate yourself with a company or establishment that you are not or have never been employed by. Do not share or access another member’s Rigzone Social Network account.
The Rigzone Social Network must not be used to exaggerate tragic events for personal or commercial purposes.
Do not send any employment or promotional messages to Rigzone Social Network members.

Be Safe

Our user’s safety is our top priority, any misuse of the Rigzone Social Network that aims to threaten, intimidate, exclude, or silence other professionals will not be tolerated. Hate groups will not be permitted. Do not use religious, racial or any other slurs to incite or promote hatred.
Harassment of any kind will not be permitted, this includes the use of profanity and revealing sensitive information.
Intimidation and exclusion will not be tolerated, hate speech will result in an instant ban from the Rigzone Social Network. Do not share content that is directed at characteristics and threatens to attack professionals against their age, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.
Do not disclose any personal details with persons that you do not know. If you are approached for an employment opportunity this should be carried out through Rigzone’s career portal from verified employers/recruiters who have an active Rigzone subscription.
Content that aims to shock will be removed. This includes sadistic and severe physical violence. Content which encourages criminal activity will not be allowed. Content that promotes the use of drugs, weapon making, or sexually explicit material will not be permitted.
Do not post content that promotes terrorist activity. Violent extremist groups, terrorist groups or any person who posts such content will not be tolerated.

Be Professional

Professionals must treat one another with respect, harassment or degrading of others will not be permitted.
Users will have the ability to report profiles, posts, and comments which, they deem unacceptable. All reports will be reviewed within 24 hours and appropriate action will be taken. We expect professionals to use the report function responsibly, to help us prevent abuse and misbehaviour.
If you are found to be violating our Community Guidelines, the consequences will vary depending on the severity. In general, we will operate a three-strike policy, for example we may warn you for a first violation, but if you continue to go against our Community Guidelines, we may restrict your ability to use the Rigzone Social Network or ban you altogether. If you think your content was removed in error, please email us; network@rigzone.com and we will investigate this.